Kimber was born and raised in rural Alaska, the oldest of six children. She moved to a nearby “city” in 1996, and left the state to seek her fortune a few years later. Homeschooling and a childhood filled with physical labor left her with a deep appreciation for hard work, and a firm belief that any person can achieve any goal through dedication.

    She obtained three Associate of Arts degrees from Ricks College in 2001: Mandarin Chinese, Geography, and International studies. In 2005, after taking time off for an internship in China, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geography-Urban Planning from Brigham Young University, Cum Laude and as Geography Department Valedictorian.

    Kimber decided to settle in Utah, and later achieved a Master of Science in City and Metropolitan Planning from the University of Utah in 2009, graduating with a 4.0.

    Kimber has spent more than a decade writing:

  • •     As a cruise director in China, she was responsible for writing exciting descriptions of cruise tours and on-board activities.

  • •     As an undergraduate and graduate student, she worked for several professors as an assistant in researching, writing, and grading papers.

  • •     As a planning technician for Provo City, she was responsible for translating government jargon into plain English for members of the public.

  • •     In her 7 years as a land use planner, she has drafted hundreds of technical reports, prepared and delivered innumerable presentations, arranged and conducted countless meetings and radio / newspaper interviews, and researched special projects for the County Council. She has also been responsible for editing the reports of junior planners on a weekly basis.

Kimber offers high quality and thorough services as a freelance editing and writing consultant. Among others, recent projects have included successful grant applications, detailed and lengthy RFP (Request for Proposals) responses, and employee / client newsletters and bulletins.